Monday, July 6, 2009

A Glimpse of What's Ahead!

This week, both my children are attending VBS. This is a big deal for us because this is the first time that, first off, I will have a whole week of mornings free since before Daniel was born. Wow! Secondly, this is the first time Daniel will be away from ME for a week of mornings.

Let me pause here and beef out a complaint I have for churches and their VBS programs. First of all, most of the VBS' around here charge for VBS. That is beef number one for me. VBS is supposed to be an outreach. In my opinion, money to cover the cost for VBS should come from within the church. Secondly, almost every church has the age limit that the child has to have graduated from Kindergarten in order to participate. WHAT!! I mean, seriously.

As a former Children's Pastor, I know that every VBS program out there has a preschool curriculum as well as the older kids. When I was CP, I would hold FREE VBS' and the ages would be 3 years through 6th grade. I would communicate with my preschool teachers and they would all say the same things...the kids were enjoying the stories and games........AND were even memorizing their verses. It is ridiculous to believe that we cannot reach young children.

Even the church my kids are at now is 4 years and up and this is their FIRST year going that young...and only did so at the constant urging of my friend who is the MOPS coordinator at that church.

Ok....let out a big breath...that soap box is done.

So...Daniel was born 1/2 way through Sierra's kindergarten year. When Sierra was in Kindergarten, she only went half days. So, for a few months, I was able to be free. Since Daniel was born, I have had a day here and there where Matt would watch him and I could run errands...or he would take the kids for a few hours and I could be home alone. But...this is a whole WEEK of free mornings.

This morning, I went to Wal-Mart without stepping foot in the toy department. I was able to meander without having to constantly make sure my kids were a) still with me or b) keeping their hands off things they shouldn't touch (i.e. cameras on display...cell phones on display). Not once did a little voice (or older voice) say..."can I have this?". I knew what I needed to get...I went to the areas of the store I needed to go...checked out...and left.

I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby. Not once did I have to say..."get down from there" or "no, don't touch that"...or, "no, you can't have that". No potty breaks. Again, I knew what I needed...went to the area I needed to what I needed and left.

Oh, and then there is the car. I had my ipod plugged in and I listened to wonderful worship music shuffled on my ipod. I got to have the volume up at a level where I could actually sit and listen. There was no gabbering on about nothing....the constant noise of questions and idle chatter.......just me and my music. One of the songs that popped on was by SuperChick (one of my fave songs)..."Pure Flow" and one of the lines goes "I've got the pure flow, water around..the rocks of life won't pull me down" and I could not help but think of this pure flow that was flowing around me. *sigh* It was nice.

Now, do not get me wrong....I love my kids and they really are GREAT kids. I know it will be hard when Daniel crosses into that phase of life called school...that first day of Kindergarten (a little over a year away) will be hard for sure. And I certainly love summer...hanging with the kids and having fun. I have often been asked what I will do when both kids are in school...will I work? It is tempting to get a job while the kids are in school...supplement the income. But, every single member of my family has asked that I not work. Sierra says she likes having a mom that is home. She has begged me not to work. So, when Daniel is in school...I will likely try to do some volunteering...I will continue to attend bible studies...maybe I will join a gym (though I suppose I could do that now)....I will be readily available to my kids and husband as needed.

It is a great feeling to be a have kids who not only love you (duh) but like having you around. It is a great feeling when I pick Daniel up from Sunday School class or any other class he is in and that look of joy when he sees me and runs to hug me. It is a great feeling when Sierra looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and says she loves me and wants to be like me. To know that the material things do not matter as much as the emotional needs.

But, I will enjoy my time this week...these mornings of peace. I will continue, though, to treasure those many mornings between now and the start of kindergarten with my son.

Life is good. And now I will turn on the tv and veg for a bit...with cats napping around me and along with the dog. Peace and tranquility....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Popcorn Commercial

The other day, Sierra's best friend, S., came over to spend the night. They decided to make commercials selling items and Daniel, of course, had to get in on the action. This hilarious commercial ensued. Sierra says Daniel is the next Jim Carey...I agree.