Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Decoration

Sierra and I try to have a girl's club meeting every two weeks...sometimes we make it every two weeks, sometimes we don't. Tomorrow night, Tuesday November 17th, we will have such a meeting. At these meetings, we do a craft and while the girls craft, they talk and laugh and have a good time.

Tomorrow night, this is is what the girls will be making!

I used the following:
My cricut machine to die cut the letters and all the layers for the well as the circles for the cds.
big bite
Scrapbook paper
mod podge
simple elmer's glue
Martha Stewart's glitter (fine for the letters and coarse for the penguins)
old cd's

First I cut out all the shapes needed on my cricut. I decided to use the word JOY as it is a nice, simple, 3-letter word. I first cut it in shadown and than normal mode in order to create an outline on the letters. Also, I chose the penguin cause he was cute and it only took 3 layers of cutting and pasting together.

Next, I added glitz to the letters and penguins in order to give it a cool, icy look.

Next I started piecing it all together. I put mod podge on the cd and than put the round paper on it. When that dried, I put another layer of mod podge on the top of the paper. When that dried, I used regular elmer's glue to glue the shapes on. I also used my big bite to cut the holes into the cds. After everything was dried, I used ribbon to tie the cds together including a loop on the top to hang up on the wall.

Cute Huh!