Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, I have not been good with this form of trying to be held accountable...although in hindsight, how is the computer going to hold me accountable?

I have maintained my weight at 127...this is with the change in diet and portions and no exercise. It has been hard to exercise with these constant headaches.

We are about to go on an extended vacation and are planning to eat as healthy as possible...we'll see how that goes. For our first day of our trip, we are packing lunches and snacks to avoid that terrible road food...i.e. convenient store chips and candy and fast food.

On a funny note, you should have seen my kids last night. My ULTIMATE weakness in this healthy living is desserts!! I LOVE THEM!! I also like the picture of a home with a mom who makes yummy desserts for her family (very 50s-esque). My kids have grown accustomed to having cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and other such desserts just about every night. For the last couple weeks, no dessert. I haven't even had any in the house (I am TOO WEAK).

Last night, after dinner, my kids were searching everywhere for some dessert....even after I told them there was none in the house. They searched cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezer.....nada...nothing. I had to two most depressed kids in the WORLD. It was SO sad....they are so used to baking mom. lol I had to do it...I sent Matt out to McDonalds right next to us and got them hot fudge sundaes. And in case you were sundae for me...or Matt.

So, there you have it.